Scalp problems


Dandruff is caused by a disturbance in the scalp's natural balance. However, not all dandruff is the same. Learn how to differentiate properly between the types of dandruff and how to fight them effectively.

Dry and sensitive scalp

Itchy scalp, dryness or a feeling of tightness are the typical symptoms of a dry and sensitive scalp. Solve these scalp problems with mild shampoos and prevent your scalp from becoming dry.

Oily hair and scalp

If the scalp produces excessive amounts of sebum, your scalp can become oily, making your hair oily too. Here are some helpful tips for daily hair care!

Sunburnt scalps

Men with thin, balding hair or who are already bald are particularly affected by sunburnt scalps. How can an innovative liquid specially developed for the scalp help to protect them?

Grey hair

Grey hair is actually white hair. Why is that? Why do men go grey? And what can be done to prevent this? The right tuning is essential. After all, men don't dye their hair, they tune it.