Alpecin Caffeine Liquid

Question and answers

The course of the hair cycle is different for every single one of us. Some of your hairs are active in the growth phase (anagen) whilst others are in the resting phase (telogen) at any one time. As a rule, the roots are in a growth phase for around 8 years before switching to a resting phase which lasts from 5 to 8 months. The hair then falls out. A new growth cycle then commences which can be repeated between 8 and 20 times.

Strengthen the hair roots

After using the Alpecin Caffeine Liquid it can take a certain amount of time for the hair roots to recover and switch from the resting phase to a new growth phase. Normally you should notice a reduction in hair loss after around 3 to 4 months.

The effect of Alpecin Caffeine Liquid is aimed at the viable hair roots. The caffeine complex only strengthens existing yet weakened hairs or hair roots. It is not a hair growth tonic.

No. The amount of caffeine in Alpecin Caffeine Liquid that is absorbed via the scalp and hair sheath equates to precisely the right dose and is absolutely safe even for people who react sensitively to caffeine. In addition, the active ingredient is applied locally to the scalp; the quantities that disseminate throughout the organism from there are negligible.

Yes. After massaging your scalp with Alpecin Caffeine Liquid, wait about 3 minutes until the product is absorbed; then use a male styling product of your choice, e.g. hair gel, wax or spray.

Can Alpecin Caffeine Liquid also be used on dry hair or is it absolutely necessary to wash the hair before application?

Alpecin Caffeine Liquid can also be used on dry hair. It is important to apply caffeine liquid directly to the scalp with the dosage tip and massage it in. Since the liquid penetrates the scalp quickly, you can then style your hair as usual. Be sure to avoid contact with the eyes. Based on the alcohol and menthol content, the liquid may cause a brief tingle, which subsides quickly.

The caffeine complex quickly penetrates the hair roots where it forms a depot sufficient for up to 24 hours. To consistently provide the hair roots with sufficient growth energy and to protect them against the negative impacts of testosterone, daily application is vital. This has been confirmed in studies.

In rare cases, stronger hair loss can occur temporarily. This process is called “shedding”.

Hair loss due to head massage?

Following an intensive head massage, hairs that are in their resting phase anyway can be massaged out of the follicles at an increased rate. However, after a brief period of time, this increased hair loss is reduced and the hair growth cycles can regenerate.