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The 8 effects of caffeine

Caffeine is the most consumed substance in the world. Researchers have already discovered seven positive effects which caffeine can have on the human organism.

A study which was recently published in the British Journal of Dermatology now reports on the influence of caffeine on human hair roots.

On the basis of this, a German researcher has discovered an eighth, previously unknown, mode of action of caffeine. Similar results have been seen with a hair care brand containing caffeine (Alpecin from Dr. Wolff).

  1. Caffeine can protect against type 2 diabetes [1]
  2. Caffeine can protect against cancer of the liver [2]
  3. Caffeine influences the fat hormone adiponectin (regulates the sensation of hunger) [3]
  4. Caffeine can have a favourable effect in connection with breast cancer [4]
  5. Caffeine can contribute to reducing the risk of a type of skin cancer (basal cell cancer) [5]
  6. Caffeine binds with sexual hormone binding globulin (SHBG). [6]
    An important factor for metabolic hormonal activity.
    However: Caffeine is not a hormone
  7. Caffeine can have a positive effect on insulin sensitivity [7]
  8. Caffeine promotes hair growth (see Alpecin) [8, 9]

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