Hair loss & Scalp problem

Hair loss in men

Why so many men are affected by hereditary hair loss, how testosterone plays a role in this and how you can protect your hair roots – Alpecin explains all.


Dandruff is caused by a disturbance in the scalp's natural balance. However, not all dandruff is the same. Learn how to differentiate properly between the types of dandruff and how to fight them effectively.

Dry and sensitive scalp

Itchy scalp, dryness or a feeling of tightness are the typical symptoms of a dry and sensitive scalp. Solve these scalp problems with mild shampoos and prevent your scalp from becoming dry.

Long-term stress encourages baldness

Long-term stress encourages baldness

Hair loss in men is not always hereditary. Long-term stress can also affect the growth phases of the hair roots. Find out more on how caffeine can help.