Alpecin Tuning-Shampoo

Questions and answers

Alpecin Tuning Shampoo is suited for brown or black hair. The intensive pigments in this shampoo help to keep the hair darker and simultaneously help to prevent hair loss with the Caffeine Complex.

For brown or black hair, the shampoo can be used daily. With each application, the colour pigments are deposited and reinforce your natural shade. The Colour Effect is inconspicuous and only becomes more intense with regular use and washes out gradually with normal shampoo.

In addition, the hair roots are immediately provided with the activating caffeine, which can be detected after just 120 seconds of residence time.

That depends on the condition of your hair and its share of grey hairs. Every time men use the Tuning Shampoo, dark pigment attaches to the surface of the hair. It covers up lighter patches and counteracts the greying process. The effect gradually intensifies with each wash. Leave the shampoo on for about 2–5 minutes, and then rinse out. The Colour Effect and caffeine penetration improve with longer residence time.

The tuning of grey hair is very gentle, meaning that if your hair is predominantly grey or white, the results may not meet your expectations. For predominantly white hair, we recommend a classic, permanent colouration.

No, absolutely not, because the tuning is very gentle.

To avoid discolouration of surfaces or textiles, you need to thoroughly rinse off any shampoo residues.