Hereditary hair loss and scalp problems

How Alpecin can counteract this

80% of all cases of hair loss are hereditary, which means that they are pre-programmed from birth. The male hormone testosterone negatively impacts the growth cycle of the hair roots, which results in hair loss and baldness.

The Alpecin Caffeine Complex counteracts the undesired effect of testosterone and extends the growth phases of the hair roots. This prevents hereditary hair loss.

The special combination of active agents also counteracts scalp problems such as itchy scalps, dandruff or sunburnt scalps.


New energy for your hair and scalp

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Long-term stress encourages baldness

Long-term stress encourages baldness

Hair loss in men is not always hereditary. Long-term stress can also affect the growth phases of the hair roots. Find out more on how caffeine can help.


Frequently asked questions about hair loss in men, sunburnt scalps and other hair and scalp problems. Alpecin can give you the answers.

The active substance caffeine against hair loss

The active substance caffeine against hair loss

The effects of caffeine and the positive results it can have on your health. Here, you can also find out how caffeine can help counteract hereditary hair loss.

Dr. Klenk explains:

How can caffeine help prevent hair loss?

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