Double-Effect Caffeine Shampoo

Questions and answers

A very long time ago, sebum was meant to waterproof the hair and skin and protect humans from the cold. Since humans wear clothes, this function has become superfluous. In addition, germs and microorganisms that naturally occur on the skin use sebum as a source of nutrition. Degradation products of sebum irritate the skin, make it itch and accelerate the formation of the keratinous layer. The consequence is dandruff. When further sebum is released, these skin cells stick together to form large, visible skin flakes.

Basically yes. Due to the product's dual action, i.e. the simultaneous effect against dandruff and strengthening the hair roots, the Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo helps to maintain healthy hair growth and removes pesky dandruff. Both causes are sustained, which means that the risk of skin irritation and dandruff will remain for life.

A scalp massage means the active ingredients are better absorbed by the scalp and the hair root, thereby forming active ingredient reserves (depot). Moreover, the gentle pressure helps to loosen the top layer of dandruff better.