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Try & Review recruited 500 men in Malaysia to take part in a trial for Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo.

The testers with dry and itchy scalp tried the Shampoo daily over a week and longer. Upon completion of the trial, the trialists posted their feedback and ratings on

Malay men are convinced! Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo got an Overall Rating of 4.6/5.

Try out Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo against dry, itchy scalp. And hair loss.

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Good Product

Based on my 2 weeks trial on this shampoo it’s really work on my hair and scalp. No more itchy and hair falling. Start today I will choose this brand and will recommend among my colleagues.


Very efficient product and reasonable price

I tried many different brand of shampoos and even the expensive one doesn’t work so effective like alpecin hybrid. It can significantly reduce the scalp itchiness problem. Very affordable price ... don’t get the wrong type... it is the light blue packaging.

Rowen Tan

Resolved My Dry Scalp Dandruff Issue

I've been suffering from dandruff issue since my teenage years until recently I found out about Alpecin from Try and Review site. I never knew that I've been suffering from dry scalp dandruff until I saw this ad recently. Decided to give Alpecin a try and after 2 weeks it really works and I can barely see spots of dandruff even when I'm wearing black shirts - something that all dandruff sufferer avoids wearing. Thanks Alpecin and Try & Review. I will continue buyinf and using Alpecin shampoo in the future.



Hair feels great

After using Alpecin Hybrid Coffein Shampoo there is no scalp itchiness. The hair feel soft and moisture resulting easier to comb and the hair smell nice too.


Delivered all the promises made

My problem mainly are itchy scalp and dandruff. By 1st week of application dandruff are significantly less and by 2nd week it has become like non existent except for really small flakes.


Great shampoo! Finally found the one!

I've tried Alpecin Hybrid for more than a week and it has been great! I realised less itchiness and my scalp not as dry as it used to be. It leaves quite a refreshing touch on the scalp after shampooing. Definitely will continue to use the shampoo and hope to see further improvement!


Alpecin test

Nice fragrance and good for hair.i use everyday and dont get an itchy or no more for danddruff.after use it my hair also nice more white at cloth or car seat.thank you alpecin.


It's Suitable for Men

After using Alpecin HYBRID for about 2 weeks the scalp problem can be resolved. Hair loss also decreases. In my opinion this HYBRID Alpecin Shampoo is right for me. The best Alpecin ...


It works!!!

I used this product for 2 weeks. Even the first day I have already felt the effect. I have less itchy scalp and significant lesser dandruff.Highly recommended.


Trying to Know Its Efficiency…

Alpecin HYBRID Caffeine Shampoo after 2 weeks of daily use it is very Good and Effective in eliminating Dandruff and Itchy scalp. This shampoo differs from most products available in the market as it does not have any clinical coloring and produces a lot of foam (such as washing hair in the salon). Makes hair glossy and soft even without condition.It is perfect in one bottle.


A good product

I have hairloss since a lot of years. I know it is heriditary but wanted to loss to be slow for my age. This product has a good smell and upon two weeks i am finding less hair loss in front side. I will be continuing to use it as the hair really feels smooth and silky after using it


Alpecin Shampoo

Ever since I used Alpecin Shampoo This has been a problem with my scalp and itchiness can be overcome. Hair is also healthy. It's a great product. No need to buy it later



Alpecin Hybrid Shampoo

Very good product. after 1 week use no more itchy no more oily scalp.Its reduce my hair loss.Thank You


Really works!!!!

on my first application already reduce scalp dry & itchyness..been using it for 2 weeks hair feeling great & does smell good & does not smell like medicated shampoo..really like it


Rescue for Itchiness scalp

My working nature requires myself to expose under heat and sun. There is agitation when your scalp is itching.After using this product I found that my scalp condition is better. Less tiny fine flakes appear especially on my black shirt and less itchy feeling under hot condition too. No more dry scalp and less itchiness.I also noticed there is less hair fall situation.It cleanse well yet maintain the skin well. Most important is easy to use (like normal shampoo) and I can see the differences.Try it yourself!


the best product

for 2 weeks using this product dandruff is getting low .. the hair is getting dense and it does not itch .. thank you .. i recommend to men who have hair problem is right ..


Say goodbye to stubborn dandruff and itchy head!

I’ve been using this shampoo for about 2 weeks now. First thing I noticed about the shampoo is : it doesn’t smell bad at all! Usually when it comes to these type of product the smell is weird. But not this one!!I noticed that my dandruff problem is not as bad as before. I have tried numerous shampoo with very minimal success. This shampoo managed to reduce my dandruff. Overall I personally think that it is a great product and I recommend it to anyone who is facing a similar dandruff problem like me.


Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo

Thank you @alpecinmalaysia and @tryandreview for the opportunity to give this a try!I am really delighted using this shampoo for the past 2weeks!Here's what i can say about it:1. it's smells great! ( Not those medicated shampoo typical smell)2. It's really soothing when you are using it not harsh on your scalp mine is abit sensitive tbh so i really love this!3. Really big improvement on my scalp especially for those normally get itchy scalp even by lunch hour and flaking has been reduced tremendously!4. Noticable reduce of hairfall5. Its reduces dandruff and keeps it away!Best dandruff shampoo i have used so far! Thank you for the introduction @alpecinmalaysia@tryandreview #AlpecinMalaysia#tryandreviewmy


Quality Products

every time you wash your hair! And of course, this shampoo has given me less dandruff on my hair and I can feel myself having less itching on my hair after about a week of using it!


Flakes reduce and less itchy than usual

After I had tried this shampoo I found that flakes are lesser than before and scalp is not itchy like previously.


Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo

After 2 weeks I using this shampoo everyday it really help to reducing my hair loss and the same time prevent dandruff. Not only that it also make my hair soft and moisture. I totally satisfied with this product. I will continue to using this shampoo.


Less itchy scalp

I've used the alpecin for weeks and I can feel that my scalp definitely gets better. It's less itchy and even my hair is smoother. Though at times I feel that the foam is not too much but it works!


Alpecin Great Shampoo

The best shampoo for everyday use especially for men. It smells amazing. I feel very refreshed after using it and no more dandruff after using it. This is not an ordinary shampoo.


Reduce itchiness and nice smell

It help me reduce itchiness and it smell good.All man will like it bcs it smell very manly.



Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo is the best

Very satisfied with the Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Syampoo. Fresh and comfortable scalp. Sharing products with your wife and resulting in dandruff can be overcome with Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo. I also use Alpecin Caffeine Liquid every time I use Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Syampoo. I'm very happy with this product and will continue to use it.

Sooraj Nair

Excellent shampoo

I have been using various hair products promoting hair fall reduction but without much effect. Most of them smell like antiseptic solution or hospital like. Alpecin Hybrid caught me by surprises. First up the smell. It’s so refreshing. I have been using the shampoo for over 3 weeks now and my hair roots seems to be stronger. I see less hair loss. The best indicator of this is my bed. I used to see plenty of hair on my bed before when I used other shampoo products. These days I can hardly find any hair lying around.

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