Stress promotes baldness

Stress and the pressure to perform cost men a lot of energy.

His hair growth will slack off as well. Hair loss is imminent, especially when the hair roots are subject to hereditary predisposition. Furthermore, the male hormone testosterone plays a key role.

Situation scientifically reconstructed at the lab for the first time

The body reacts to permanent stress by increasingly releasing stress hormones, which may also promote baldness. Due to stress, more cortisol and testosterone are released. This, in turn, leads to an energy deficit that becomes apparent in the hair roots, among others. This results in accelerated hair loss. This causal connection has now been proven experimentally for the first time in a hair organ culture model under the leadership of Dr. T. Fischer and Prof. Dr. R. Paus of the Department of Dermatology at the Lübeck University Hospital. Even small and specific CRH (corticotropine) concentrations significantly shortened the hair roots' growth phase, and the share of hairs in their resting phase also increased. These are the exact prerequisites for premature hair loss.
By adding a small quantity of caffeine – another result of the experiment – the negative effect of CRH disappeared again completely.

"As a result, caffeine proved itself once again as a hair root-stimulating active ingredient that can be used successfully against both the suppressive properties of the male sex hormone testosterone and the stress hormone CRH," Dr. Adolf Klenk, head of Dr. Wolff Research, said about the research results from Lübeck.