What can you do against hereditary hair loss?

Prevent it with caffeine!

With an active ingredient combination, Alpecin has succeeded in stopping the negative effect of testosterone, thereby effectively fighting the cause of hereditary hair loss.

The lack of energy caused by testosterone is evened out by caffeine. To ensure that the caffeine can go where it is needed, local application is required. Based on the special galenic formula in the Alpecin products, the active ingredients travel all the way directly to the hair shaft where they can unleash their effect.

The active ingredient protects the hair roots against the testosterone attack. This prolongs the growth phases, which means that hair growth is possible well into old age.

The positive effect on the performance increase of the hair roots has been proven by scientists.

"The treatment of hair loss must be performed early on, regularly and over the long term, if it is to be successful."

Dr. A. Klenk
Head of Dr. Kurt Wolff Research