Always a step ahead – through research and development

Dr. Wolff Research: Traditionally innovative

Every day, the team of Dr. Wolff Research lives up to its commitment to develop innovations and improve products. This has always been the objective. When Dr. August Wolff established his pharmaceutical company in 1905, it was his guiding principle to not stand still but instead to keep optimizing products step by step. This principle still applies today …

The connection of care and effectiveness

Dr. August Wolff had a revolutionary idea. The chemist and pharmacist wanted his products to be more than hair styling aids and to make an important contribution to keeping both scalp and hair healthy. With this objective, Dr. August Wolff performed intensive research and successfully developed hair care therapeutics.

The birth of Alpecin – and the start of a small revolution

His first Alpecin revolutionized hair care in 1930. For the first time, people could groom their hair while simultaneously doing something against dandruff and hair loss (the brand name Alpecin is derived from "alopecia," the Latin word for hair loss). At the time, the company already collaborated closely with leading scientists. We are continuing this tradition: Today, Dr. Wolff Research still closely collaborates with renowned partners in science and has established a research network with university clinics in Jena, Hamburg-Eppendorf, Berlin (Charité), Lübeck and Rome.

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