Grey hair

And how to banish any yellow hue

The term “grey hair” is colloquial. Grey hair does not occur naturally but is the result of hair colouration. The visual impression of grey hair is created by the mixture of non-pigmented white hair with hair with more or less intensive pigmentation. Strictly speaking, reference should be made to white hair. Together with hair loss, white hair is one of the natural side effects of ageing.

Why does hair turn grey?

Just as with hair growth, our natural hair colour is also determined by a genetic clock. From a certain age, which varies greatly between individuals, the cells stop producing the natural pigment which is responsible for hair colour. The production of hair colour gradually tails off. There is more and more white in the hair which gives the impression of grey hair; when the hair is completely white there are no more hairs remaining of the original colour.

What can be done to fight grey hair?

There is no product to prevent the loss of hair colour due to the natural ageing process of the hair roots. Nevertheless the symptom of “grey hair” can be treated successfully. For those who do not wish to colour their hair regularly, an option is to cover the grey hairs with each hair wash. With

you can bring the unique caffeine complex to your hair and it also covers the first signs of grey in a single step.

How does Alpecin Tuning Shampoo work?

Alpecin Tuning Shampoo is a cleansing product for the hair (hair shampoo). It contains dark pigments which are deposited on the surface of the hair with each wash in order to keep dark hair darker for longer. The effect gradually becomes more intense with each wash so there is no sudden striking difference in colour. The more regularly and frequently you wash your hair with Alpecin Tuning Shampoo, the more intensive the colour effect. It is only suitable for dark blond to black hair.