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Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo C1

Helps hair feel stronger

Now you can transport the unique active ingredient of Caffeine to the hair during washing.

In just 120 seconds the active ingredient travels along the hair shaft directly to your hair.

Based on the intentional omission of softeners (e.g. silicone), the hair structure improves after just a few hair washes with enhanced hair grip.

Fine and weakened hair becomes stronger and can be styled better.

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Alpecin Caffeine Liquid

Daily leave-on tonic for all hair and scalp types

When applied, it causes a fresh tingling on the scalp, its active ingredients travel along the hair shaft and form a depot sufficient for up to 24 hours.


Apply in the morning and after each hair wash to your towel-dried scalp and massage in. Do not rinse out. Allow to dry briefly, then comb your hair and style as usual.

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