The 8 effects of caffeine

Caffeine is known for its stimulating effects and in numerous studies Dr. Wolff found that the substance also helps protect hair from the negative impact of testosterone which helps to maintain healthy hair.

Dr. Wolff-Research developed a caffeine-based shampoo that protects the hair from hormone-induced states of exhaustion. It helps to prevent testosterone from attacking the hair and restricting the supply of energy.

The new Alpecin Sport Caffeine Shampoo is the ideal choice for men who have an increased energy demand through being mentally and physically active. When doing high intensity exercise, the muscles consume a lot of energy and the body saves energy elsewhere, for example at the hair.

Alpecin Sport Shampoo contains a special active ingredient combination of caffeine, taurine and the micronutrients biotin, zinc, magnesium and calcium which recharges the hair with energy and promotes strong hair.

You can now bring the active ingredients to your hair during normal hair washing.

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