Alpecin Tuning Shampoo

Questions and answers

For dark blond to black hair, the shampoo can be used daily. With each application, the colour pigments are deposited and reinforce your natural shade. The colour effect is inconspicuous and only becomes more intense with regular use and washes out gradually when normal shampoo is used.

That depends on the condition of your hair and the amount of grey. When used regularly, the colour pigments are deposited, initial grey hairs are tinted and the natural shade is reinforced. As a result, the colour effect only becomes apparent with regular application and washes out gradually with normal shampoo.

The tuning of grey hair is very gentle, so mass coverage of grey or white hair is not always possible. Therefore if you require mass coverage we would recommend permanent coloration.

To avoid discoloration of surfaces or textiles, you need to thoroughly rinse off any shampoo residues.