Questions and answers

The Caffeine Complex is an active ingredient formula made up from caffeine, zinc, vitamin A and niacin.

You can purchase the range of Alpecin products at selected Boots, leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

Caffeine from coffee is not able to reach the scalp or the hair. This requires a special carrier base (galenics) that transports the active ingredients to the location where they can develop their effect. Our scientists have researched this area for a long time and have now succeeded in developing a method to bring this unique ingredient to your hair during normal hair washing.

Alpecin products were specifically developed for the requirements of male scalps, which is also reflected by the fragrance and the masculine packaging. However, the caffeine-based active ingredient is also effective in women.

There is no clear-cut dividing line. Cosmetic dandruff usually occurs across the entire scalp. Dandruff is somewhat larger for oily scalps and primarily small for dry scalps. You may be suffering from psoriasis, if dandruff occurs in very limited skin areas. On the scalp, dandruff will often manifest itself in the peripheral hair growth areas such as around the ears and at the back of the neck. Frequently, increased dandruff also occurs in other areas of the body, such as the elbows or the legs.

Dandruff episodes are due to special sensitivity of the scalp. If the occurrence of dandruff remains permanent, it can be interpreted as a dermatological symptom, e.g. psoriasis. In this case, you should consult a physician.

All humans naturally produce Sebum, a waterproof substance that protects the skin and hair. When the skin is irritated and attempts to repair itself, the Sebum can cause the new skin cells to stick together, forming large, visible flakes.