Alpecin Grey Attack Coffein & Colour Shampoo

Questions and answers

Alpecin Grey Attack Shampoo is best suited for light brown to black hair as natural hair colour. The innovative repigmentation technology with the active ingredient 5,6-DHI ensures that the hair becomes darker with every application. At the same time, the caffeine complex supports natural hair growth.

Grey Attack is ideal for men who just found their first grey hair or dealing with this issue for a longer time. With Grey Attack you can easily get gradually darker hair with every wash - without a long application time or complicated handling. The colour effect only becomes more intense with regular use and does not wash out again. Initially, a daily application with a two-to-five-minute contact time is recommended. When the desired colour result is achieved, the shampoo can be used alternately with a normal shampoo.

Yes, Grey Attack Shampoo is suitable for daily shampooing. The shampoo should be left to work for 2-5 minutes. The colour pigments accumulate in the hair with each application and react with the oxygen in the air to form the colour pigments. This creates a permanent colour effect that does not wash out but grows out with the hair. Once the desired shade is achieved, the shampoo can be alternated with a normal shampoo. To still provide the hair with the daily dose of caffeine, it is an ideal to use our C1 Shampoo and/or Caffeine Liquid.

The result depends on the condition and the concentration of grey hair. It is important to leave the Grey Attack Shampoo on the scalp for 2-5 minutes - from application to rinsing. The colour effect and caffeine absorption increase with the exposure time. The colour effect is only visible with regular use and becomes visible after 2-4 weeks of daily use.

The Grey Attack shampoo makes the hair darker. Depending on the original hair colour, the result may not meet your expectations if, for example, the hair was blonde before and now looks darker.

Grey Attack Shampoo by Alpecin is not a classic colouring agent and can therefore be used without fear of discolouration. Neither the scalp nor the hands will discolour during hair washing.

To avoid discolouration of surfaces in the shower, sink or towels, shampoo residues should be rinsed off thoroughly. No discolouration is expected after washing out and drying the hair.

Use the shampoo daily and leave it on for two to five minutes - from application to rinsing. The colour effect becomes more intense with the length of the exposure time. When the desired colour effect is achieved, the frequency of application can be reduced to maintain the result. Depending on the length of the hair and the initial hair colour, it may vary slightly how quickly the effect is visible. Basically, the first results can be seen after 2-4 weeks of daily use.

Alpecin Tuning was developed to keep protect the dark shade of the hair. It is suitable for men who do not yet have grey hair or have discovered the first grey hairs and want to conceal them. The colour effect intensifies with each application and washes out again with a normal shampoo, as the colour pigments only attach to the hair from the outside.

The colour effect of Alpecin Grey Attack Shampoo is significantly stronger. It contains the active ingredient 5,6-DHI, which reacts with the oxygen in the air and ensures that colour pigments can form in the hair. Therefore, our Grey Attack Caffeine & Colour Shampoo is suitable for men who already have grey hair and want to have darker hair again step by step without looking dyed.

Grey Attack Shampoo has been specially developed for the hair on the head. The colour effect can also develop in the beard hair if it is used over a longer period of time.