Alpecin Tuning Creme

Questions and answers

Alpecin Tuning Creme is for men who want to darken their first grey hairs immediately and who are also not looking for a permanent colour effect, since the tuning effect only lasts until the next time they wash their hair. To see a colour effect, the Tuning Creme should therefore be used each time you wash your hair.

You can find a detailed description here or take a look at the application video.

The black pigments darken first grey hairs. Dark hair therefore appears darker and fuller.

If your hair is predominantly white or if it is blonde, your grey hair will not be covered intensively and evenly enough, meaning that the results may not meet your expectations.

For predominantly white hair, we recommend a classic, permanent colouration or tint.

A hair dye (colouration) is a chemical process and results in a permanent colour.

The formula of Alpecin Tuning Creme has been developed in such a way that you can see an immediate colour effect (without any chemical processes!), which looks natural and can be washed out again.

To give your hair a long-lasting colour boost, we recommend Alpecin Tuning Shampoo.

To prevent hereditary hair loss, the hair roots have to be treated with Alpecin Caffeine every day for 2 minutes. This is applied directly to the hair roots, e.g., using Alpecin Tuning Shampoo or Alpecin Caffeine Liquid.

Alpecin Tuning Creme is applied to the top parts of the hair. Alpecin Caffeine would not reach the scalp and could therefore not release its effect.

Any product residue on your hands/fingers can easily be washed off with water. To avoid discolouration on surfaces and textiles, carefully rinse off any product residue.