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The Alpecin baldness calculator

How high is your risk of becoming bald? Answer 10 questions now for your personal risk assessment! Dr. Klenk can help.

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Choosing the right shampoo

A lot of men are familiar with the problems of dandruff and itchy scalps. However, few know that, in addition to oily dandruff, there is also dry dandruff. This is a problem for dry scalps.

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The 8 effects of caffeine

Drinking coffee in the morning is part of many people's daily routine. But what do you need to know about caffeine? 8 surprising effects for the organism.

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Frequently asked questions about hair loss in men, sunburnt scalps and other hair and scalp problems. Alpecin can give you the answers.

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Tuning doesn't mean dyeing

Keep dark hair dark for longer – without dyeing or tinting your hair. The "black shampoo" from Alpecin can help. For proper and gradual tuning.

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Permanent stress promotes baldness

Hair loss in men is not just genetic. Permanent stress can also affect the growth phases of the hair roots. How can caffeine help?

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What is effective against dandruff?

There are a number of causes and also a number of ways to fight dandruff. Choosing the right shampoo is essential.

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Supported by Alpecin

As hair experts we know all too well that passion and focus are key to celebrating success. Dr. Wolff sponsors various sports and teams – regionally, nationally and internationally.