What does sun protection factor (SPF) mean?

When we read about sun protection and sunburn, we always come across the terms sun protection factor and "SPF". But exactly what do they mean?

Sun protection factor (SPF)

The sun protection factor indicates how much longer you could theoretically stay in the sun after applying a sun protection product before sunburn occurs, compared to if you went into the sun without any protection. The basis of comparison is therefore the period of self-protection of your own skin. This can vary according to the individual skin type. People with very light skin and blonde or red hair, for example, get sunburn quickly. People with a dark complexion burn less quickly.

A sun protection product with sun protection factor (SPF) 15 extends the period of self-protection of the skin 15 times*.

* Depending on the intensity of the sun and the skin type. Take note of the recommended dosage.

It is important to know this about the SPF

In order for the sun protection to be effective, a sufficient quantity of the product should be applied in good time. It is also important to reapply the sun protection regularly in order to maintain the effect.

If you travel south, or if you spend time in the mountains or near the water, this can affect the intensity of the sunlight.

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