Risk of a sunburnt scalp!

In many aspects of life, people are exposed to the sun: on holiday, in their free time, while exercising or working outdoors.

Specific parts of the skin are particularly exposed to the sun, for example, the hands, the face, the forehead and also the scalp.

Usually, the hair creates a natural shield against the sun. It covers the sensitive parts of the skin. Men with sparse, thin hair do not have this protective function. The scalp is exposed - a perfect target for the sun!

The skin can even protect itself from UV radiation to a certain degree. However, the natural protection of the skin is limited and differs from one individual to the next.

If the UV rays shine onto the unprotected scalp, they can quickly cause sunburn.

Also a problem for athletes

You don't only get a sunburnt scalp lying in the sun on the beach. A sunburnt scalp can also occur during any outdoor activities. This applies particularly to athletes who train outdoors, (e.g. joggers, cyclists and golfers).

» Here, you can find out why we get sunburn and how we can protect ourselves.

Protection against a sunburnt scalp

If the scalp is prone to sunburn, sun protection is required.

Possible measures include:

  • Avoiding the sun
  • Wearing a hat
  • Applying sun cream

However, normal sun creams are usually too greasy and can leave a white residue on the scalp.

Alpecin has developed a sun protection product especially for the scalp: Alpecin Scalp Sun Liquid with sun protection factor 15 (SPF 15) has been especially developed so that it can be spread easily over the scalp and absorbed quickly. This ensures that the sun protection is spread evenly over the scalp and can be fully effective - including for athletes.

Thanks to the sun protection factor 15 (SPF 15), the scalp is protected from sunburn 15 times longer than the self-protective function of the skin would achieve. Please note that the body's own protection mechanism is limited and differs according to skin type.

» Find out here what skin type you have.

Alpecin Scalp Sun Liquid

Sun protection especially for the scalp

  • Easy to spread, easy to dose
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Not greasy, like many sun creams
  • Also suitable for athletes
  • Caffeine strengthens the roots of the hair

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