Oily hair & scalp

Tips for daily hair care

Oily hair

Oily hair is caused by excessive sebum production on the scalp. Sebum is an oily substance which is produced in the sebaceous glands. Sebum is essential for the natural balance of the skin and hair; it maintains this equilibrium and protects the hair from moisture loss and environmental influences. Increased sebum production can be caused and influenced by individual factors (e.g. hormones, life circumstances) or external factors (e.g., climate, environmental influences etc.).

Hair which becomes oily quickly is often a cosmetic problem for those affected as this has a visual and negative impact on the condition of the hair (oily, heavy, no volume, more frequent hair washing is required). Shampoos which have been developed specifically for washing oily hair restore the natural look of the hair if used regularly.

Oily scalp

In addition to the visible condition of the hair, the scalp can also become a source of suffering with excessive sebum production. With oily scalps the pores become blocked more quickly which has a positive effect on the growth of microorganisms. This can result in unpleasant scalp irritations. In addition to shampoos for oily hair (see above) a tonic