Gray hair for men: this is how it looks good

Gray hair for men

The term "gray hair" is rather colloquial. The impression of gray hair is created visually by the mixture of non-pigmented, colorless hair with more or less intensively pigmented hair. Graying (achromotrichia) is, along with hair loss, a typical side effect of the natural aging process.

When does gray hair start?

As with the growth of hair, a genetic age clock is ticking for natural hair color. Each of the approximately 100,000 hair follicles of the human scalp has an individually determined supply of stem cells for the production of hair color. These special stem cells develop into the cells (melanocytes) that supply the pigment (melanin) for hair production.

At a certain point in time, which varies greatly from individual to individual, the cells (melanocytes) no longer produce the natural pigment (melanin) responsible for hair color. The production of hair color gradually goes to sleep and the regrowing hair consequently lacks color.

It is replaced by air bubbles, which makes the hair appear white. More and more of the colorless, white-appearing hairs blend into the natural hair color, giving the impression of gray hair - all the way to completely white-appearing hair, where no hair has the "original" hair color anymore.

When exactly this process begins depends on genetic factors. Thus, it happens that some men get the first gray hair at 20, while others wait much longer for the first gray.

Causes of gray hair

There are different causes for the premature graying of hair:

  • In addition to a genetic predisposition and nutrient deficiencies (e.g. due to an unbalanced diet), stress is also one of the factors that can not only promote hair loss1, but can also lead to early graying of the hair.
  • Stress leads to a stronger release of noradrenalin, which can promote the development of gray hair2. Stress can also cause a lack of energy supply to the pigment-forming cells in the hair roots.
  • An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a nutrient or vitamin deficiency. This can result in a lack of energy supply to the hair follicles and thus contribute to premature graying.
  • Smoking or the side effects of medications can also negatively influence melanin formation.
  • Changes in hormone balance can also promote the development of gray hair.

What to do about gray hair?

As described above, a nutrient or vitamin deficiency can promote the appearance of gray hair, so a healthy diet is important to provide the hair roots with sufficient energy.

Hide gray hair without dyeing

Hide gray hair

Seven out of ten men find that gray hair makes them look old. An effect that is therefore gladly avoided, especially since every third person has a problem with the further graying of the hair3.

  • Dyeing or coloring completely covers gray hair for a longer period of time, but can look unnatural. According to a GfK survey, 76.9% of men think so4. Problematic is especially the regrowing hairline, which must be recolored particularly often.
  • Shampoos and conditioners with dyes can cover gray hair with every hair wash - without coloring. They can help to preserve the natural hair color.

Shampoo against gray hair

For first gray men's hair, there are Alpecin Tuning products for black and for brown hair. They contain color pigments that attach to the hair with each wash. The effect increases with exposure time and becomes more intense with regular use. In addition, the products with the proven caffeine complex prevent hereditary hair loss.

Learn here how the active ingredient caffeine works against hair loss!

For brown hair there is Tuning Caffeine Shampoo Brown. There is a charge difference between the hair and the shampoo. The color pigments and the hair thus attract each other virtually like a magnet. The effect becomes more intense with each application.

For black hair, there is the Tuning Shampoo black with black color pigments that darken the hair.

Yellow tinge in gray hair

Those who do not want to conceal their gray hair often have to struggle with a yellow tint. The so-called yellowing can be more or less noticeable, depending on the incidence of light. The yellow tint is caused by the increase of white hairs between the still slightly color pigmented hairs. Sun or smoking can further bring out the yellow tint.

There are shampoos and conditioners that can reduce this yellow cast. The products mostly rely on blue or purple color pigments to neutralize and make gray hair shine.

Shampoo against yellow tint in gray hair

The PowerGray Shampoo from Alpecin takes the yellow cast from gray hair and gives a well-groomed, fresh gray tone. The hair color also gets more depth, so it looks fuller. Alpecin PowerGray Shampoo also contains the caffeine complex for the hair roots and thus prevents hereditary hair loss.

The shampoo is recommended only for already gray or white hair. It is not suitable to lighten dark hair.

FAQ gray hair

Frequently asked questions

With hair graying due to age, it is not impossible, but very rare that the original hair color returns. With shampoos that preserve color pigments, graying can be delayed.

Gray hair does not make a person unattractive across the board. Just as colored hair does not automatically increase the attractiveness. Whether blond, brown, red, black, gray or white: attractive looks above all well-groomed hair!

When choosing a shampoo, you should pay attention to the result you want to achieve with your gray hair! If you want to intensify the gray of your hair and reduce yellow tint, the Alpecin PowerGray Shampoo is the right choice. If you want to conceal the first gray hair, we recommend the Alpecin Tuning Shampoo in black or brown.

Our Alpecin recommendation for gray hair

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