Additional literature

Below are additional sources offering more detailed information on a variety of subjects

Caffeine and hair growth

Caffeine's mechanisms of action and its cosmetic use
A. Herman, A. P. Herman, Skin Pharmacol. Physiol. 201326, 8-14.

Review article on caffeine which given its high bioactivity and main penetration properties is used in a variety of applications for skin and hair care.

Analysis of the penetration of a caffeine containing shampoo into the hair follicles by in vivo laser scanning microscopy
J. Lademann, H. Richter, S. Schanzer, A. Klenk, W. Sterry, A. Patzelt, Laser Physics 201020, 551-556.

This study analysed the penetration and storage of a caffeine-containing shampoo in the hair follicles by in vivo laser scanning microscopy.

Hair growth mechanism, cAMP, testosterone, 5α-DHT, 5α-reductase

Caffeine – stimulant and medicinal substance
K. Nieber, S. Felke, A. Schmalz,  Pharm. Ztg. 20074, 16-22.

Review article on caffeine as a natural stimulant and active ingredient.

Influence on the hair cycle, hair growth/hair loss

The hair follicle as a dynamic miniorgan
M. R. Schneider, R. Schmidt-Ullrich, R. Paus, Curr. Biol. 200919, 132-142.

Review article on the structure and biology of the hair follicle.