Risk: Sunburnt scalps!

Natural protection from the sun

People are exposed to the sun in a number of different situations: on holiday, during leisure time, or while exercising or working outdoors.

The skin can protect itself from UV radiation up to a certain degree. This natural protection time, however, is limited and varies from individual to individual.

UV radiation (UVA and UVB) penetrates the skin and can damage it in the event of overexposure. There is a risk of irreversible skin ageing and sunburn.

High risk for the scalp

Certain areas of the skin are particularly exposed to the sun, for example, the skin on your hands, your entire face and even your scalp.

For most people, hair provides natural sun protection for the scalp. It covers the areas of the scalp at risk. Men with thin, balding hair are missing this protective function. The scalp is exposed and becomes a "target" for the sun.

If UV rays hit the unprotected scalp, it can quickly lead to sunburn.

Strengthen the hair roots

In the case of hereditary disposition, the male hormone testosterone negatively impacts the growth cycle of hair roots. This results in hair loss.

The Alpecin Caffeine Complex protects the hair roots from this testosterone "attack".

The hair roots are sufficiently cared for, preventing hereditary hair loss and the resulting thinning of hair on the scalp.

Protect your scalp from sunburn

If your scalp is susceptible to sunburn, sun protection is necessary.

You can protect yourself by staying out of the sun or by wearing head gear. Or by using sun creams, but these tend to make the scalp and hair greasy and leave residue behind.

Now there's a NEW product specially developed for the scalp: Alpecin Scalp Sun Protection

Alpecin Scalp Sun Protection

protects your scalp from sunburn

  • Simple to spread
  • Is quickly absorbed, while holding your hairstyle
  • Caffeine strengthens the roots of the hair

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