Stopping hair loss and keeping your hair are both possible!

Stopping hair loss and keeping your hair are both possible!

Men of all ages ask "Can I keep my hair and, if yes, how?" The issue of "pending hair loss" is on a lot of peoples' minds. Yet most people consider hair loss to be unavoidable as soon as the first signs of thinning hair appear. They don't know that daily hair care can make all the difference if they want to keep their hair into old age. Even if they are genetically predisposed to hair loss. It couldn't be simpler: start with the right care early on to keep a full head of hair for longer. 

It is important that the products are used daily to maintain the caffeine depot created in the hair root.

The consumption of caffeine-containing beverages, on the other hand, is not a substitute - the active ingredient is processed by the body before it can reach the hair follicles.

Do I have to resign myself to age-related or hereditary hair loss?

No, there are actually simple and effective ways to protect your hair. Depending on the condition of your hair, you can preserve and strengthen existing hair. As a rule of thumb: The earlier you take action, the more hair you can protect in the long term.

In order to treat hair loss, doctors sometimes prescribe medication to protect hair growth. For the body, however, this represents a major intervention into the organism. Those who face hair loss due to illness, may wish to avoid this additional strain or the possible side effects. A cosmetic caffeine product which is used externally as a care product offers an effective and risk-free alternative.

Keeping your hair despite a hereditary disposition – is that even possible?

Over the course of our lives the number of hairs on our heads (hair density) and the hair volume (diameter of individual hairs) reduces. As such, head hair becomes thinner (fewer, finer hairs). This is a natural ageing process which effects all of us as we age to differing degrees. The reasons for this include the poorer supply of nutrients and oxygen to the hair roots. In addition, many men also experience so-called hereditary hair loss. This refers to a genetic disposition for a receding hairline, thinning hair and bald patches (male pattern of androgenetic alopecia). Caffeine can change this natural process and ensure that the hair is protected for longer.

Keeping your hair despite a hereditary disposition – is that even possible?

Even though 50% of men will be affected by hair loss in the course of their lives due to their genetic make-up, you should not wait idly until you notice signs of hair loss or a bald patch has formed. The opposite is true; every single man can take action to ensure he keeps his hair for as long as possible. To ensure success, early action is required together with a disciplined approach to hair and scalp care.

For a long time, hereditary hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, was considered to be unstoppable. Since the breakthrough achieved by the Alpecin research team at the latest, hair loss no longer has to be a matter of fate. The positive influence of caffeine to prevent hereditary hair loss was scientifically proven for the first time in 2004. Since then, caffeine-based products have helped millions of men to successfully counteract hair loss and keep their hair for longer.

Every second man will suffer from hair loss over the course of their lives, in 80% of cases this is due to genetics. To determine whether you belong to a risk group, you need to take a look at your father and grandfather on both your paternal and maternal side. If one of those suffers from hair loss, has a bald patch or indeed is completely bald, it is highly likely that you will also experience considerable hair loss.

How does caffeine help to protect my hair despite a genetic predisposition?

The daily use of caffeine shampoos and liquids protects your hair roots from androgens which trigger hair loss. The caffeine from the shampoo stimulates the hair roots when washing and, after an exposure time of 2 minutes, has been proven to form a caffeine depot for 24 hours. The hair roots are thus strengthened and hair loss is prevented. If the hair is not washed daily, the necessary caffeine supply can be ensured with a caffeine-based liquid. This is a leave-in product which, like a tonic, is not washed out but remains in the hair.

Even younger men who have yet to experience hair loss can benefit from the effect of caffeine. By using Alpecin daily you can prevent hereditary hair loss and keep a full head of hair.


Better late than never – keeping your remaining hair

Has hair loss already left its mark on your head? You still have time to protect your remaining hair. After all, it's never too late to fight hair loss. By using caffeine to protect against hair loss, you can stop hair loss from progressing and preserve your remaining hair.

The gentle way to preserve damaged hair

The gentle way to preserve damaged hair

A gentle approach is essential in order to counter hereditary or age-related hair loss and to preserve the remaining hair. Tension, friction and exposure to high temperatures can all weaken the hair and its roots. That's why you should be kind to your hair:

  • Wash your hair with warm and not hot water.
  • Avoid excessive heat when hair-drying.
  • Do not rub your scalp and hair dry with a towel, rather pat it or wring out the water.
  • Make sure you enjoy a balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. For example, smoking can have a negative effect on hair.

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