Alpecin Caffeine Hair Booster

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Let the hair dry or blow dry briefly after application and then style as usual.

The Caffeine Hair Booster should be applied to the entire scalp to supply the hair roots with the caffeine complex. The easiest way to apply is parting the hair directly with the dosing tip.

Right from the first application you will feel a slight tingling sensation on the scalp and a refreshed feeling. After just a few applications, your hair will feel more manageable.

The caffeine can be detected at the hair root for 24 hours. Therefore, to strengthen hair growth permanently, daily application is ideal.

Thanks to the alcohol, the Hair Booster is quickly absorbed and transports the caffeine complex to the hair root. This is especially important if you do not wash your hair directly beforehand.

The Caffeine Hair Booster can be used in combination with any shampoo. For the ideal caffeine supply, we recommend a shampoo from Alpecin, e.g. Alpecin C1 Black Edition.